November 16, 2016

BEKELE GERBA et al UPDATE (Nov. 16, 2016): Ethiopian regime’s high court at Lideta started the hearing (the trial) two days ago. At this stage, the criminal procedure is normally occupied with the prosecutor’s introduction of evidences, witnesses and another supporting evidence.  OACC learned that the prosecutor requested the trial proceedings to be closed to public. The Court denied the motion and decided that the proceeding should be open to the public. Yet, we believe that the right to open trial/proceeding shouldn’t be up for a fair game, to begin with.


The prosecutor will continue to present witnesses or evidences against Gerba starting November 17, 2016 despite the fact that  there is no crime Bekele known to any of us he committed except that he is an Oromo. OACC has received inside information that the regime’s prosecutors are engaged in the task of fabricating false testimony against Gerba and his colleagues. For example, The security agents of the regime are heavily beating and torturing some inmates to falsely testify against Mr. Gerba.


UPDATE ON GERBA’S SECURITY: OACC recently learned that the security agents are designing assassination plan against Gerba. Since this is a serious matter, we have collected sufficient information. A verified Internal documents indicates the implication of the Kilinto fire and how that was was initially thought to be used as a frame-up to execute Gerba and other inmates. But, that plan failed, the document source indicates. Yesterday (Nov. 16), OACC further learned that the ruling party’s top officials avouched eliminating Gerba as a permanent solution in stopping Oromo Protest. We believe Gerba’s life is in imminent danger. We call on all Oromo and non-Oromo people to join hands in the journey towards justice and freedom.


OACC will continue to post trial and detention updates on Gerba and his fellow Oromo men. Stay tuned.