A National Call to all Oromo and Non-Oromo to Attend the Final Trial of Bekele Gerba in Finfinnee: MAY 15, 2017

MAY 15 will be the trial date in which the Ethiopian regime’s court anticipates to hand guilt conviction against the innocent and notable Oromo prisoners, i.e., Bekele Gerba et al.

Therefore, we call on all Oromo people who live in and around Finfinnee to go to Lideta Federal Court and witness this historical day. On May 15, just go to the court and witness a history.

We will continue to share further information as the trial date approaches.

IN the mean time, the OACC will continue to finalize its yearlong effort to consolidate the trial record monitored and collected thus far to help pursue international legal remedy available in and outside of the continent. For detail projects on International Legal Defence project in relation to Bekele Gerba and all Oromo political prisoners, please see our website here. https://www.oromoamerican.com/bekele-gerba-et-al/