Civil society’s central role in democracy makes it a central focus of OACC’s efforts across the USA. OACC promotes freedom of association so citizens can organize, assemble, debate, and advocate their views. Therefore, Along with the state and the private sector, civil society is instrumental in promoting democratic local governance. As an agent of change, the civil society can actively engage in policy analysis and advocacy to build social capital and enable citizens to identify and articulate their values and civic norms.

OACC is a non-political, and a not-for-profit Community Organization. As a 501 C (3) a tax-exempt community-based organization, OACC has no partisan agenda. Whatever agenda that you are passionate about; OACC wants you to be involved. Disengagement has never solved a problem. Make your unique voices be heard by getting involved. Let us know what you care about and we will connect you with individuals and groups with similar goals.

Your community has a multitude of needs. It faces challenges in a myriad area. You may feel that these are to be overcome through individual action, not to mention individual excellence. We value individual responsibility. However, we also believe that it is only by getting involved with like-minded individuals in a worthy cause that one can effect system-wide changes.

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