Oromo-American Voting Power

Oromo-Americans in the Voting Booth:The growing electoral power of Oromo-American

The United States is in the midst of a major demographic transformation that has profound political consequences in the future. Over the past couple of decades, the number of Oromo –American voters who are immigrants or their native-born children (“New Americans”) has grown dramatically.

Together, New Americans, and their parents are the fastest growing segments of the electorate. This trend goes far beyond the political dynamics of any particular election. New Americans and their immigrant parents a rapidly rising political force with which more and more candidates for public office will have to reckon. In the coming years, politicians who alienate these voters will find it increasingly difficult to attract their participation in national and many state and local elections. Therefore, Oromo-American Citizens Council believes that New Americans and their parent immigrants will rise up and exert political power, punishing politicians who pay no attention to our concerns, such as immigration reform, foreign policies and human right violations.


The following is map shows the demographic distribution of Oromo-American registered voters in the United State of America.

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